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This library of NHA information has been compiled exclusively for NHA Trainers.
Important Reminders
  1. These documents are updated frequently, especially those outlining responsibilities of NHA Trainers. Please re-read occasionally.
  2. There are several key Structural Documents that are your responsibility to be fully aware of. Please read them carefully.
  3. Structural Documents are NOT to be shared. Other NHA Trainers must access these documents directly.
  4. Documents under the Teaching Materials category are for you to print and distribute ONLY to participants enrolled in your training sessions. You may also email them to participants. (NEVER email to non-participants.)
  5. ONLY share electronic versions of the documents in this library by emailing them to participants in your events. NEVER post these documents on the web.
  6. Legal Note: Any violation of these requests will be presented to the Ethics Committee and could result in the revocation of your designation as a NHA Certified Trainer and your permission to use the Registered Trademarked name Nurtured Heart Approach®.

We celebrate the integrity of NHA Trainers. Your compliance of these requests shows how responsible, committed and fair that you are and that you are committed to work collaboratively for the best good of NHA and the people we serve. Thank you!

Contact Info
Tanya Fraizer, Director of Outreach and Trainer Network: Tanya.CSF(at)gmail(dot)com

Jan Hunter, Customer Service & Registrar: JanC.CSF(at)gmail(dot)com

Jean Hollowell, Executive Director: JeanH.CSF(at)gmail(dot)com

Update Your Contact Information
Please use the Trainer Contact Update Form to update your contact information when it changes.
Register or Update Your Referral Listing
Please use the Referral Listing Registration Form to register for or update your Referral Listing on the NHA Practitioners & Therapists webpage.
NHA Trainer Network
To view a brief overview of the Trainer Network: http://www.childrenssuccessfoundation.com/nha-trainer-network/

To Register for the NHA Trainer Network, go here: http://www.childrenssuccessfoundation.com/library/trainer-network-level-1-registration/

For existing members, Trainer Network Member Sign In: http://childrenssuccessfoundation.com-train.me/login

Structural Documents
To download a PDF of the documents, Please click on the document name.

Distribution Materials
To download a PDF of the documents, Please click on the document name.
(only distribute to participants enrolled in your trainings)

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Full Case: $10 per book (any title)

Mixed Case: 40% off cover price of each book

Phone: 800-311-3132

Email: klinder@spexpress.com

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